I'm Anna Hodgson.

Brooklyn to Bay Area, I work for Pitch Interactive.
All of the work here is my own.
  • Excerpts from an excellent article from David Byrne, the Guardian:
    If the 1% stifles New York’s creative talent, I’m out of here

  • "Some folks believe that hardship breeds artistic creativity. I don’t buy it. The city is a body and a mind – a physical structure as well as a repository of ideas and information. Knowledge and creativity are resources. If the physical (and financial) parts are functional, then the flow of ideas, creativity and information are facilitated.

    This city doesn’t make things anymore. Creativity, of all kinds, is the resource we have to draw on as a city and a country in order to survive. In the recent past, before the 2008 crash, the best and the brightest were lured into the world of finance. A culture of arrogance, hubris and winner-take-all was established."
  • Together with Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers myself and two others from Zago planned a hack-a-thon inspired workshop for students in the Products of Design masters program at School of Visual Arts here in New York City. I’ve written and shared photos from our first visit to Camden earlier last year. 

    Over the last eleven years CCHP has created health initiatives that fuse rich data of the city’s most complex, vulnerable patients and the relationships between those patients and their healthcare providers. The aim of these initiatives are to improve the quality of the healthcare system for Camden and to bend the cost curve while doing so.

    You can read more about CCHP’s data driven innovation in this article from The New Yorker

    I co-lead the workshop in Camden with 16 students and above is a short video of the day.

    Since visit and hack-a-thon, the students have been solidifying their projects in their quest to make informed “designed products” that make us rethink the world and behave differently within the systems that shape and define our everyday lives. Below are the students that will continue to develop and finalize their theses and present to CCHP:

  • Stole a few photos from Simon and took a break from work. 
    I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy working with photos in Photoshop. Sounds silly but sometimes, as a designer, I feel like I sold my soul to completely different digital world far from anything as tangible as a photograph. 

  • preferredmode:

    Anna, after a soccer game

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    Preferred Mode (Sam Polcer) raced me down a couple of weeks ago when we cycled by each other on Flushing. He’s got an excellent selection of cyclists and their rides here in NYC, check it out on any of the links above and stay tuned for the publishing of his book!

  • Midweek midday gifs. 
    I think I’m going to start to look at Tumblr’s gif size limit as a challenge. 

  • I kind of can’t believe I ever thought static was better than motion. 

    More tinkering with Zago brand voice and identity. 
    As an aside, a client of ours is hiring for a PAID graphic design and media intern. You’d be working closely with us at Zago and inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Check out the application here!

  • As I posted before - Zago has been exceptionally inspirational for my work and personal projects in the last few weeks. We began a redesign project for our website (which you can follow here) that has allowed all of the teams (UX, design, social impact) to organically collaborate. A lot of our meetings have been presenting process work and half-baked ideas, a exercise that has allowed us to reveal a little more of ourselves and our skill sets to each other. When the client is yourself it’s interesting how hierarchy loosens a bit and end goals shift.

    I’ve been generating content and managing the blog for the project, which I hope will continue on well after we publish our new site. Give it a look.
    Above is a short video from our continual exploration of the “Z bar” as a stand alone/functional element in our logo. More importantly, I was allowed to indulge a little in chiptune. 

  • Took ten minutes on break for the boys over at DuckDuck Collective to make a quick gif in light of the launch of their new blog DuckDuck Rogue. If you follow the link, you’ll find plenty of things (no more mystery behind what they do in their off-hours) but what I’m most psyched for is their weekly radio show on Thursday afternoons. Tune in tomorrow at noon (link on their blog) for live streaming of the show.

  • A quick color study on a few of my Instagram photos from early this spring. I divided each of the photos into six equal parts and took the hue of their exact center point along with the center point of the whole photo. I arranged those hues in order of their shades and then allowed for three more hues to represent the photo that weren’t pulled from the original center points - those are tacked on the end.

  • Another short intro animation I developed for one of our clients. 

    The Salzburg Global Seminar organizes thinkers from cultures and institutions around the world to encourage discussion and urge leaders to find solutions to issues of global concern.
    The seminars are held in Salzburg, Austria in the Schloss 
    Leopoldskron. In my animation, the use and repetition of rectangular shapes is based on both the Schloss as a historical, robust structure and the form that houses the type in their identity. Though the personality of the Salzburg Global Seminar is quite reserved, what they represent is the opportunity for radical change across nations and modes of thought. In light of this, I explored using the burst of colors from the black rectangle in order to illustrate the life and discussion behind the doors of the Schloss.

  • John and I took a trip to the Brooklyn Flea.

  • zagolovesyou:

    We’re exploring a few ways to incorporate the Zago personality into our redesign. One of our recent meetings brought a little funk to the Z bar. 

    Operation Make It Nice has been a breath of fresh air for my work at Zago. The ratios of gifs per day has skyrocketed. Above is a short animation that literally came out of “What can do with the Z-bar?” at our last meeting. 

    Follow our process on our blog, our Twitter or our Facebook

  • I’m EXTREMELY excited about what’s going on at Zago.
    We’ve just launched an internal redesign of our company website and with it we’ve decided to track the process with a Tumblr. Over the last week and into this week I’ve been capturing our research, brainstorming sessions, presentations, discussions and debate in each phase of the project. I’ll be putting together audio, video, and photos that help portray who Zago is and how we work collaboratively.

    You can follow the project via our Tumblr here, along with our Twitter and Facebook!

    Above are a few photos from our kick-off meeting on the first day of the project. 

  • I love to brag about my job at Zago, and one of the biggest reasons is because of the type of design-thinking we do. We design strategically - always with the aim of producing solid, perspective shifting work. 

    In short: there is a reason behind what we make. 
    It sounds simple enough, but many of my peers who graduated from our program have gone off to produce more white noise in a time where our culture bursting at the seams with purposeless design. To be fair, I know the opportunities to do what I do aren’t as easy to find but they are out there. And I believe they are multiplying.

    In light of that, there are still some weeks I find myself working to pay the rent. Irritating clients will always exist and there will always be dull work to be done. In those weeks, I find myself needing a reminder of why I chose to be where I am. And that I am good at what I do. 

    (Above is a little gif of some hand drawn type animated as a break from one of those weeks.)

  • Several weeks ago, I attended my first Instameet here in New York City. It’s always bound to be a wild experience when you find yourself all of a sudden surrounded by insta- and internet-famous people acting like, well, normal people. 

    It was definitely a worthwhile experience, above are some of the photos I snapped during the afternoon save the portrait of myself and my bike - thanks to StudioJohnny

    The following as they appear in order:
    HokayTokay and JimmyMarble