I'm Anna Hodgson.

Brooklyn to Bay Area, I work for Pitch Interactive.
All of the work here is my own.
  • Ask: Could you post a “before” and “after” of some of your photos to see how they change?

    Sure, check out the photo above of friends and musicians Kemp Ridley. The photo at the top is obviously the original and the version after is the edit. I’m assuming the request to see a transition was a result of this recent post. If so, below you can see the original of the posted sailing photo that I edited for that initial question. 


    Keep in mind that I edited these fairly heavily for the requests and that I don’t do this to all my photos. It can be pretty time consuming and most of the time it’s all for personal use anyway. Besides, if I look at a photo too long it’ll end up getting so convoluted with layers that the edit didn’t do anything for the original. Careful not to overwork. 

    *Ask/Tell me anything you want via Tumblr’s Ask feature.  

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    Pitch Interactive.
    All of the work here is my own." target="_blank">
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