I'm Anna Hodgson.

Brooklyn to Bay Area, I work for Pitch Interactive.
All of the work here is my own.
  • We are…slowly making it. 

    I was really beginning to think that the weeks it took me to make the main graphic was going to be the most difficult part. In fact, trying to find a way to compile all of the information together is just as complicated.
    To add as another supportive visual, I’ve also created a map-based graphic that represents the locations in the United States and abroad for each category (commenter locale, geographic relevance and where I met the commenter) all of which share New York as an “axis point” because that’s where I am as the receiver. You can see I’ve mostly sorted out the main piece and supporting text filler but the map-based graphic and another I am working on showing the gender of the commenters are messing with the feng shui. I’m also giving these colors a try - the others were a little too soft for me and for the idea being based around Facebook. 

    The final photo is what the current state of my desk is - my head buried in data vis books for anything from spacing to legend references. Work smarter, not harder.

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