I'm Anna Hodgson.

Brooklyn to Bay Area, I work for Pitch Interactive.
All of the work here is my own.
  • I’ve been neglecting writing this blog about my first, full-time, adult job (oh God, is that another commitment issue?) But once I get over this, I’ll be able to post about all the neat stuff I’ve been doing since. Here goes:

    I accepted the position of UI/UX Designer at EnduringFX about five hours before I walked across a stage to shake President Harris Pastides’ hand and bring my undergraduate career to a close. After spending most of my spring interviewing for jobs in New York and applying for internships in Europe having this opportunity suddenly materialize was a bit of a shock. But even moreso when I heard myself saying “I do” to a minimum of three more months in Columbia. (Opportunity, interview, offer and acceptance spanning 72 hours.)

    When I accepted the position (lured by the idea of designing holograms and Pearl Izumi cycling jerseys) I didn’t know I was about to step into a high speed startup software company on the verge of potentially receiving 100K to change the way urban dwellers see and use public parks. Only a few days after settling into the office, myself and the two other full-timers (yes, it’s just the CEO, director and me) hopped on a plane to New York to present at the Data Design Diabetes Demo Day Challenge. I won’t even begin to explain how steep the learning curve the business side of EFX has been for me (perspective: I sat a few seats back from Aneesh Chopra at the DDD Challenge.) 

    What we do seems to change daily but our focus is to make an impact on diabetes (starting here and going global) and fitness through the use of interactive technology and incentive programs in public parks and fitness facilities. Medgadget did a neat little write up about us that might help explain how we’re going to change the world. 
    I know that doesn’t properly describe what I do but I think that’s key here. Because what we do is changing, what I do is just as dynamic: I put a dog on a billboard yesterday for heaven’s sake..just before Cameron Runyan can be seen pumping iron over the Blossom Street Bridge. 
    Where fitness and design meet - sounds like a reason for me to stick around the south a little longer and see how long it takes us to get offers for remote offices here, here or here (did I mention the technology we use comes from the Netherlands?) 

    Above is a photo of Susan (our director of marketing) and I in our Columbia office and a slew of snips from our time in NYC. Including a trip to Nike Town and Apple 5th Ave.  

    1. jgream said: awesome! congratulations on the ‘big girl job’ (and on graduating of course)
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