I'm Anna Hodgson.

Brooklyn to Bay Area, I work for Pitch Interactive.
All of the work here is my own.
  • There’s been a Fuchs hiding in all of my work recently.. 

  • Julie Zhuo
    uilding a Trustworthy Design Process
  • "To make a subpar decision because you didn’t get enough context or feedback is to fail. But to make a subpar decision when you considered all the angles but ultimately made the wrong tradeoff—that kind of mistake is honest, and far easier to learn from."
  • - Cody Delistraty
    The Eroticism of Placelessness

    On the interconnection of loneliness, freedom, and romance.

  • "When we sever ourselves from “home” — that nebulous concept that tends to refer more often to people and memories than to brick and mortar — we find ourselves placeless and free, but also deeply lonely. It is a trade-off that some of us are forced to make; others choose to make it."
  • Some quick Pitch test shots. 

  • Cennydd Bowles, Letter to a Junior Designer

    I’ve had so much of this advice in the last couple years. I hate and love all of it at the same time. 
  • "Passion is useful, but you’ll be more effective when you demonstrate the evidence behind your beliefs, rather than the strength of those beliefs. Softer language earns fewer retweets but better results."
  • Two days of solid exploration in the East Bay.
    Drove along Skyline Boulevard and Redwood Road, stopping at overpasses both coated in fog or clear to the coast. The west coast weather is a peculiar and wonderful thing. 
    Conquered Mill Valley and Stinson Beach, hiking up until you couldn’t tell the difference between the sea and the sky. 

  • Early days of living in the Bay Area.

    My buddy Ryan came out and visited me for a week on the tail end of his trip to California. I brought him up to Bernal Hill to see all of San Francisco at once. 

    Having no idea where the best bar to watch the World Cup final would be in San Francisco, we had to settle with hundreds of others outside the Civic Center. This was not a mistake. 

    Drove up to Grizzly Peak last Thursday to try and catch the sunset. Unfortunately, though perhaps fortunately (more fog photos to come) Karl the Fog creeped the East Bay that evening. 

  • I’ve tried over and over again to write something really epic about how I decided to pack up my belongings and move from Brooklyn to the Bay Area - but every time I sit down I can’t seem to package it all together. 
    The last six months have truly been some of the most surprising with joyous high highs and exceptionally low lows. Even though I know many of the days ahead will be trying I’m excited to see how they unfold. 

    Above are some panoramas during the three week drive from New York City to San Francisco. 

  • Excerpts from an excellent article from David Byrne, the Guardian:
    If the 1% stifles New York’s creative talent, I’m out of here

  • "Some folks believe that hardship breeds artistic creativity. I don’t buy it. The city is a body and a mind – a physical structure as well as a repository of ideas and information. Knowledge and creativity are resources. If the physical (and financial) parts are functional, then the flow of ideas, creativity and information are facilitated.

    This city doesn’t make things anymore. Creativity, of all kinds, is the resource we have to draw on as a city and a country in order to survive. In the recent past, before the 2008 crash, the best and the brightest were lured into the world of finance. A culture of arrogance, hubris and winner-take-all was established."
  • Some light and buildings I found in Finland. 

  • On mistakes made when communicating (excerpt from GFD, yet applicable to all of life):

    We surround ourselves with the choir.
    Sometimes we start from a place of being so conscientious and so concerned about doing what we’re doing well, we forget what we’re doing and what it is supposed to achieve.

    We make it hard for people to do what we want them to do.
    Make it easy for people to do something that makes them feel good about themselves.

    Make sure there is a problem, understand the problem, possess empathy above all else.

  • "This month the average webpage weighs just shy of 1700 kb, and at its current rate it’ll hit 2 megabytes within the year. Images alone hold a 61% share of that weight. It’s a hard problem. Perhaps we should just modernize our proverb… say, “a picture is worth about 11,000 words, if it’s a pretty small image, and if the words in question would have been compressed with gzip.” Or maybe something hip for the kids: “an avatar is worth a thousand words.”"
  • Putting together final sketches - pretty excited for some new ink.. @

  • More evaluation model
    Think I might have solved the cyclical issue.